Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is one of the largest city in turkey and comes along in 15 urban areas. As it is the largest city, so it extends in between Europe and Asia. 

According to the geography, Istanbul has a long history to make it more shining to the visitors. Some famous empires lost their accountability in Istanbul, so that is why there is another history of different name of Istanbul.

The first name of Istanbul came from the Megara King Byzus. Then, Alexander the Great rule the city and many more kept ruling Istanbul. Ottoman Turks lead by Sultan Mehmet took control over Islambol (City of Islam) and rebuilt Istanbul. They built many mosques, buildings, and public places; it became favorite cultural and political places for people. 

Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia was orthodox Christian church. It was used for religious ceremonies before in 1206 to 1261 but then later; Ottoman Empire converted it into a mosque. In 1935, it was turned into Museum. 

Blue Mosque

Blue mosque is surroundinmg by all the blue tiles of interior design. It attracts large number of vsistors because of its charming outylook. It was built by ahmed. It was built in betweemn 1609 to 16161 years, during the rule of Ahmad.

Grand Bazaar

If you want to watch the magic carpets then you just have to go the Grand Bazaar in Turkey. There will be flying carpets waiting for you to have a mesmerizing look. The Bazaar is one of the oldest, largest in whole world.  Where all the visitors can have fun in 61 streets. Visitors can buy different type of famous spices from there. 

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